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Students who are studying in University no matter in Taiwan or in Hong Kong,  now you can enjoy our special offer --  HKD 120 or NTD 399 at for purchasing "screwloose" or "special release".  


Simply apply your unique kosUcampus coupon code via Email or Whatsapp or Line to us by sending photo of your student card. *you can hide the information like student card no. or any else you think they need to be confidential*  Please remember your coupon code is valid for one purchase only.


To have the second purchase, please show us your selfie photo with kos sunglasses then you can get another new coupon code. Thats the interesting "special offer" game for U-students!



KOS ""聯盟

現凡為香港及台灣各大學大專院校學生,  即可享以特別優惠價:  港幣$120 或 新台幣 $399 在 網站購買任何一款 screwloose 的太陽眼鏡 (亦可選擇 Special Release中的任何一款太陽眼鏡)


請先以 Email or Whatsapp or Line 發送你的學生證照片給我們 *可把學生編號或重要資料蓋掉* 我們便會提供你個人獨有的優惠券代碼, 在結賬時使用即可。

請注意你的優惠券代碼僅一次購買有效, 如要購買第二次, 不用再寄學生證照片給我們, 而是透過Email or Whatsapp or Line 向我們展示 "你帶著 KOS 太陽眼鏡的自拍照" 就即可獲得另一個新的優惠券代碼購買眼鏡. 



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