About US




We are a sunglasses-based brand and that is why we know what you need under the sunshine when you race. 
It is too boring if only putting the Smoke Dark Visor on or
Just having 1 or 2 Colors Tinted Visors for Racing. 
Bros! You deserve more! 

K.O.S really COOL!

That is why K.O.S makes our own Color Films for special you! 
You can have different colors in the same time! 
Change every moment when you are in different races!

You know what, we didn’t start with a long history background.
One thing we did have was complete confidence that, we K.O.S could build something different and something awesome!
You will always be surprised when you see K.O.S! 

We want to change the old ways and break the old rules!
If you are having the same thought, you are with us! 


We are   K.O.S


K.O.S = Knockouts, representing that you will be the final winner!  Also, it means you are extremely attractive!